Warning! Don’t Even Think of Mass-Market Vitamins Until You’ve Tried Rootine Vitamins

Look, we get it—shopping for vitamins can be pretty exciting. You step into a wellness store and you see all these multi-colored capsules promising to give your life an upgrade in some way, shape, or form. But let’s be honest here—can you really feel all the potent effects of your supplements?

Sure, you might need those B-complex vitamins, but at what dose? And those Maca tablets–is your blood really processing those properly? If you don’t figure out just what your body needs, it’s just going to end up rejecting all these supplements that you take in. What we’re trying to say here is simple: you want to drink just the right vitamins at the right amount. Otherwise, you’ll just end up peeing all of the unnecessary vitamins. Quite literally, you’ll be flushing all those good (and expensive) vitamins down the drain.

But don’t lose heart—you’re still on the right path towards better health. It just sounds like you need a little assistance with the type of vitamins you need and their specific dosage. Enter, Rootine Vitamins.

With Rootine Vitamins, you take the guesswork out of the right vitamins and dosage for you. No more expensive urine (apologies for the crassness), no more mass-market vitamins. Here, you can make sure that everything recommended to you will be evidence-based. Not a single mg of any vitamin will be wasted—that’s the goal.

Want to know how Rootine Vitamins can help you fill the nutritional gaps in your daily needs? Here are some ways your body will benefit from these personalized vitamin packs.

  1. You’ll reach your goal faster

With Rootine, it all starts with a conversation. We want to know what your lifestyle is and how we can best supplement said lifestyle. Whatever your goals are, we can provide you with a vitamin regimen that will help you reach your goal faster.

Say, if you’re an athlete and would like to perform to the best of your abilities, we can recommend a comprehensive vitamin routine for you to take. The same goes if you’re a mother who needs to constantly be on your feet or someone who’d like to maintain your youthful glow, and the list goes on.

  1. Your body will absorb Rootine Vitamins better

A genetic test, blood work, you name it—we’ll take these into account when you subscribe to our custom daily vitamin packages.

Why are genetics and your blood type important? See, dosing is an important aspect to consider when it comes to intaking vitamins and supplements. With the right dosage, your body will be able to process supplements more efficiently. Depending on your blood profile and DNA, you might need more of certain vitamins and less for some. With us, it’s all hard sciences and no guesswork, as it should when it comes to your health.

  1. Your safety is guaranteed

Here at Rootine Vitamins, we look out for all of our clients. All of our vitamins are thoroughly vetted and tested in Europe’s finest nutrition lab.

You can rest assured that you will enjoy the full benefits of our vitamins—complete with the highest grade ingredients that are plant-based. With a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and the right vitamins to fill in the nutritional gaps, your body will be sure to work like a well-oiled machine.


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You don’t often find a personalized vitamin packet, so I knew I had to give Rootine a try. Best decision I’ve made for my health this year
Olivia Johnson
Olivia Johnson
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I’m a certified supplement-addict. I didn’t know I’ve been taking supplements wrong all my life until Rootine showed me just how to make the most out of my daily vitamins.
Dr. Monique Cobb
Dr. Monique Cobb
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Finally--a vitamin subscription that doesn’t just produce claims out of thin air. Routine is backed by science, and I trust it enough to recommend it to my patients.
Rootine Vitamins have gone through extensive research and scientists are backing up its claim that DNA is a major component for finding the best supplement for you. This is trusted by doctors, professionals, and athletes everywhere—and it’s about time that you give it a try too!

Your Body Needs the Right Vitamins at the Right Dosage

Whatever your goals are, Rootine can push the boundaries further and help you thrive in your current lifestyle. It eliminates any guesswork, whatsoever, so that you can get the most bang out of your buck (or your vitamins in this case).

Rootine Vitamins are designs to address numerous systems in your body–from your nervous system, digestive system, and so on. It’s holistic, personalized, and science-backed. It’s not just any random vitamins thrown together, it’s the vitamin routine that’s meant just for you.

Your best and healthiest days are right within your fingertips, and it all starts with a simple order. So don’t delay and get your vitamin packs from Rootine today!

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